What is the the Laterz Legend Badge? Earn Trust and Recognition in our Community!

What is the the Laterz Legend Badge? Earn Trust and Recognition in our Community!

Introducing the Laterz Legend Badge: Earn Trust and Recognition in our Community!

Stand out as a respected member of the Laterz community with our exclusive Laterz Legend Badge.

Here's how it works:
  1. Earn Positive Reviews, Earn Points: Show your commitment to our community guidelines by leaving insightful and helpful reviews about your expereience with users both on and off the app. Each review you leave earns valuable points for the other user.

  2. Reach a Score of +20: Maintain a score of +20 or higher to unlock the prestigious Laterz Legend Badge. This badge symbolizes your trustworthiness and highlights your cool factor within the vibrant Laterz Social community.

Join us on the journey of becoming a trusted and influential member of Laterz. Start leaving reviews, earning points, and unlock the Laterz Legend Badge today!

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